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School award system

Merit Awards

Each week in our school assemblies, teachers acknowledge a range of skills with a Merit Certificate.  Learning, behaviour and attitude are criteria for these awards.

Playground Awards

We encourage positive playground behaviour with our playground awards. Whilst teachers are on duty they observe the children involved in good play and reward this with a playground award. The child gives the bottom half of the awrad to their teacher who places it in a box at either a K-2 or 3-6 assembly. Two names are drawn out and the lucky students receive a voucher for $1.00 to spend at the canteen.

Student 'Beau Awards' System

4 x Blue = Green

3 x Green = Bronze

3 x Bronze = Silver

2 x Silver = Gold

1 x Gold  + 1 x Silver = Platinum

Beau Awards
Beau Awards are a positive level system running across the school. Children collect their awards over their entire school career and are rewarded at different levels.The achievement of a Green award level is acknowledged in K-2 ans 3-6 assemblies. 

The Bronze Award level is acknowledged at a special bronze award assembly held twice a term in for both K-2 and 3-6. Iformation about when these are held can be found on our website under events and in the school newsletter. Your child will bring home a note to inform you if they are about to receive this award and you are welcome to attend this assembly. 

The Silver Award level is acknowledged with a special invitation morning tea for the student receiving the award and his/her parents and or grandparents. The principal and staff also attend this award to celebrate student achievement.

The Gold Award level attainment is celebrated with a special invitation breakfast with the principal and staff. Only students that are receiving this award and their parents are invited to attend this celebration of high achievement. 

Our highest award offered is the Platinum Award where the student will be acknowledged at the Presentation Day Assembly, held at the end of the school year. Each student that reaches this prestigious level of our award system will receive an engraved platinum medal enclosed in a clear case for display at their home. They will also be invited to have lunch with our principal and a teacher of their choice, that they feel has had the greatest impact on their time at BHPS.

As students complete each level they collect their awards and bring them to the office. They are then stamped and the next level colour is handed out during the next K-2 or 3-6 assembly.

Each term a whole school assembly is held to recognise those students who have attained Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. A morning tea is held each term for students who have attained Silver level and a breakfast is held twice a year for students who attain Gold level.